CLIENT CACHING 〈 yes | no 〉

This command controls the tracking of the keys in the next command executed by the connection, when tracking is enabled in OPTIN or OPTOUT mode. Please check the client side caching documentation for background information.

When tracking is enabled Valkey, using the CLIENT TRACKING command, it is possible to specify the OPTIN or OPTOUT options, so that keys in read only commands are not automatically remembered by the server to be invalidated later. When we are in OPTIN mode, we can enable the tracking of the keys in the next command by calling CLIENT CACHING yes immediately before it. Similarly when we are in OPTOUT mode, and keys are normally tracked, we can avoid the keys in the next command to be tracked using CLIENT CACHING no.

Basically the command sets a state in the connection, that is valid only for the next command execution, that will modify the behavior of client tracking.