Valkey Server


valkey-server [ /path/to/valkey.conf ] [ OPTIONS ] [-]
valkey-server -v | --version
valkey-server -h | --help
valkey-server --test-memory megabytes
valkey-server --check-system


valkey-server is the Valkey database program.

What is Valkey? See Introduction.


The configuration file and the configuration directives are documented in Configuration. Use - to read configuration from stdin.

Each of the configuration directives can be provided on the command line with its name prefixed by two dashes. For example, --port 6380 on the command line is equivalent to port 6380 in the config file.

Additional options:

-v, --version : Output version and exit.

-h, --help : Output help and exit.

--test-memory megabytes : Run a memory test and exit.

--check-sytem : Output some operating system properties relevant for running Valkey and exit.

--sentinel : Start in sentinel mode


Run the server with default config:


Read configuration from stdin:

echo 'maxmemory 128mb' | valkey-server -

Start with a configuration file:

valkey-server /etc/valkey/6379.conf

Start with configuration as command line options:

valkey-server --port 7777

Start as a replica of another Valkey server that can accessed at

valkey-server --port 7777 --replicaof 8888

Start with a config file, then some additional options overriding the ones in the config file, and finally some more options from stdin:

valkey-server /etc/myvalkey.conf --loglevel verbose -

Start with a config file and some additional options overriding the ones in the config file:

valkey-server /etc/myvalkey.conf --loglevel verbose

See also

Valkey documentation, Introduction, Configuration, Installation, valkey-cli