Valkey geospatial

Geospatial indexes let you store coordinates and search for them. This data structure is useful for finding nearby points within a given radius or bounding box.

Basic commands

  • GEOADD adds a location to a given geospatial index (note that longitude comes before latitude with this command).
  • GEOSEARCH returns locations with a given radius or a bounding box.

See the complete list of geospatial index commands.


Suppose you're building a mobile app that lets you find all of the bike rental stations closest to your current location.

Add several locations to a geospatial index:> GEOADD bikes:rentable -122.27652 37.805186 station:1
(integer) 1> GEOADD bikes:rentable -122.2674626 37.8062344 station:2
(integer) 1> GEOADD bikes:rentable -122.2469854 37.8104049 station:3
(integer) 1

Find all locations within a 5 kilometer radius of a given location, and return the distance to each location:> GEOSEARCH bikes:rentable FROMLONLAT -122.2612767 37.7936847 BYRADIUS 5 km WITHDIST
1) 1) "station:1"
   2) "1.8523"
2) 1) "station:2"
   2) "1.4979"
3) 1) "station:3"
   2) "2.2441"