LINDEX key index
O(N) where N is the number of elements to traverse to get to the element at index. This makes asking for the first or the last element of the list O(1).

Returns the element at index index in the list stored at key. The index is zero-based, so 0 means the first element, 1 the second element and so on. Negative indices can be used to designate elements starting at the tail of the list. Here, -1 means the last element, -2 means the penultimate and so forth.

When the value at key is not a list, an error is returned.

Examples> LPUSH mylist "World"
(integer) 1> LPUSH mylist "Hello"
(integer) 2> LINDEX mylist 0
"Hello"> LINDEX mylist -1
"World"> LINDEX mylist 3