GEORADIUSBYMEMBER key member radius 〈 m | km | ft | mi 〉 [ withcoord ] [ withdist ] [ withhash ] [ COUNT count [ any ] ] [ asc | desc ] [ STORE storekey | STOREDIST storedistkey ]
O(N+log(M)) where N is the number of elements inside the bounding box of the circular area delimited by center and radius and M is the number of items inside the index.

This command is exactly like GEORADIUS with the sole difference that instead of taking, as the center of the area to query, a longitude and latitude value, it takes the name of a member already existing inside the geospatial index represented by the sorted set.

The position of the specified member is used as the center of the query.

Please check the example below and the GEORADIUS documentation for more information about the command and its options.

Note that GEORADIUSBYMEMBER_RO was added to provide a read-only command that can be used in replicas. See the GEORADIUS page for more information.

Examples> GEOADD Sicily 13.583333 37.316667 "Agrigento"
(integer) 1> GEOADD Sicily 13.361389 38.115556 "Palermo" 15.087269 37.502669 "Catania"
(integer) 2> GEORADIUSBYMEMBER Sicily Agrigento 100 km
1) "Agrigento"
2) "Palermo"


Version Change

Added the ANY option for COUNT.


Added support for uppercase unit names.