COMMAND GETKEYSANDFLAGS command [ arg ] [ [ arg ] ... ]
O(N) where N is the number of arguments to the command

Returns @array-reply of keys from a full Valkey command and their usage flags.

COMMAND GETKEYSANDFLAGS is a helper command to let you find the keys from a full Valkey command together with flags indicating what each key is used for.

COMMAND provides information on how to find the key names of each command (see firstkey, key specifications, and movablekeys), but in some cases it's not possible to find keys of certain commands and then the entire command must be parsed to discover some / all key names. You can use COMMAND GETKEYS or COMMAND GETKEYSANDFLAGS to discover key names directly from how Valkey parses the commands.

Refer to key specifications for information about the meaning of the key flags.

Examples> COMMAND GETKEYS MSET a b c d e f
1) "a"
2) "c"
3) "e"> COMMAND GETKEYS EVAL "not consulted" 3 key1 key2 key3 arg1 arg2 arg3 argN
1) "key1"
2) "key2"
3) "key3"> COMMAND GETKEYSANDFLAGS LMOVE mylist1 mylist2 left left
1) 1) "mylist1"
   2) 1) RW
      2) access
      3) delete
2) 1) "mylist2"
   2) 1) RW
      2) insert