What's new in Valkey for May 2024

2024-05-24 · Kyle Davis

It's become clear that people want to talk about Valkey and have been publishing blog posts/articles fervently. Here you'll find a collection of all the post I'm aware of in the last few weeks.


The kind folks over at Percona have been on an absolutely legendary streak of posting about Valkey. They've done a series on data types (Hashes, Sorted Sets), best and not-so-good practices, getting started, replication/failover, configurations/persistence, and finally their own Valkey packages for DEB and RPM-based distros.

Fedora Magazine

Yours truly wrote an article for Fedora Magazine about using the valkey-compat-redis package to move to Valkey.


Ricardo Ferreira put together a walkthrough of using Valkey with Go on Docker.

The New Stack

While Open Source Summit North America was last month, The New Stack published a blog post about Valkey and accompany interview with project leaders, it's worth a watch and read.

Presentation: Digging into Valkey

On the subject of Open Source Summit, the talk I gave along side Madelyn Olson, "Digging into Valkey" was posted as a video.

Valkey Seattle IRL

The Seattle Valkey Meetup is holding a Rust module workshop on June 5th. A lot of folks will be in town for the Contributor Summit, so this meet up is bound to be flush with Valkey experts. Don't miss it.

Want to add your tutorial/article/meetup/video to a future roundup?

This is the first in a series of roundups on Valkey content. The plan is to keep an draft pull request open on the website GitHub repo where you can contribute your own content.