SET first-blog-post "Hello, world"

2024-04-11 · Kyle Davis

Welcome! For the inaugural blog post on, I’d like to recap the story so far, what to look forward to, and then describe how this blog works.

How do you describe an open source whirlwind?

I would describe it like this: first a license change, the establishment of PlaceholderKV, a new name and formation of Valkey within the Linux Foundation, hundreds of code updates by community members from around the world, and a release candidate. All within the span of about three weeks.

Only the start

Out of this initial flurry of activity emerges a project that is sure to have a long history. This blog will cover the project over time by describing what’s new, what to look forward to, and how you can explore the full extent of Valkey.

For the community, with the community

Like the Valkey project itself, this blog is not a singular effort of one company but rather a community effort, built in the open with full transparency. You want to write about a topic on the blog? Fork it and make a pull request. You want to help edit or review a post? Do a code review. Problem with a post? Create an issue. Feel like something is missing? Make a feature request.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for trip reports from Valkey’s first conferences then information about the first GA release. It’s only going to get more exciting from here.